What Should I Know About Physical Therapy?

What Should I Know About Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists are highly trained professionals who specialize in treating musculoskeletal conditions. Physical therapists are part of a healthcare team that routinely collaborates with physicians, surgeons, and other medical practitioners.

We also often collaborate with other healthcare professionals like chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists to ensure your treatment plan is as effective and efficient as possible.

Physical therapists are movement experts with advanced training and education in musculoskeletal disorders and diseases. In addition, physical therapists often take a hands-on approach to pain relief and function restoration.

One of the primary goals of physical therapy is to restore pain-free mobility and function while preventing pain and injury from recurring. Our physical therapists assess your movement patterns, determine the source of your pain, and work with you to manage or eliminate it.

While each patient’s condition and pain are unique, our physical therapist at Hernandez Therapy Clinic will use various targeted manual therapy techniques, exercises, modalities, and other strategies to relieve pain and restore function quickly.