Can My Physical Therapist Diagnose Me?

Can My Physical Therapist Diagnose Me?

Yes and no!

This may be a bit confusing, but in most cases, the word “diagnosis” is exclusively for a physician. Although not everyone in healthcare knows this, for legal reasons, an official diagnosis comes from a physician.

That being said, physical therapists are often used to confirm or deny a diagnosis. As the physical therapy profession has grown, so has the respect and responsibility within the healthcare systems. So, technically speaking, a physical therapist will conduct an “assessment” of your situation to clarify your specific situation, and physical therapists are particularly skilled at getting to the root “cause” of your condition.

When you come for your initial session at Hernandez Therapy Clinic, your physical therapist will do a thorough evaluation that consists of a detailed history and a comprehensive physical examination. This first assessment establishes the severity of your injury or illness. It also helps establish the source of your symptoms and the factors contributing to your condition.

Physical therapists routinely collaborate with physicians to provide confirmation or potential contradictions to a diagnosis to ensure that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is appropriate.